Keep it up!

Dearest sister,

Add oil!  We will prevail!



11 Responses

  1. Carolyn…YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

    Sooooo many people I’ve talked to are wishing you well. Wow…if I had a dime for each one that told me…I’d be richer than Bill Gates!


  2. Hi carolyn
    I got an email about you today from someone I don’t know.
    I think you are a pretty and brave young lady and I believe you will beat the illness.
    Your family love you so much, and your friends love you so much, 大家心连心,一定会有奇迹出现.
    I’m a girl working in the UK, I will spread the word to people around.


  3. 我已经在onematch.ca上注册了,希望能帮到你。相信会找到合适的骨髓的。


  4. Hello Carolyn,

    My name is Andrew and I’m living in Macau. I just know your situation from a newspaper today. I did not take any test yet and I will try to. Be brave and I believe that you can beat the illness. You have a very good family. So, don’t give up! I will pray for you.

    Wishing you all the best! God bless!


  5. Hi Carolyn

    I hope I can fulfil your wish and will seek the blood test tomorrow, however; if my blood is not suitable for you, I truly wish other kindess people in the world could help you.

    keep it up and get well soon

    Best Regards,
    Coleman and Siu’s family

  6. Hi, me again, I think I am selfish, telling your story to everyone I know is not the only thing I can do.
    I decided to take the blood test, hope I can help, or at least give u more hope.

    Good luck carolyn


  7. Hi Tracy,

    Thank for taking action. Much much appreciated.

    Patrick (Carolyn’s brother)

  8. Tam Family.

    With love and support from family and friends, nothing is impossible. Stay Strong!

    Hopefully I am able to help set up a drive in Philadelphia and New York City.

    Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. Quoted by Dale Carnegie



  9. Carolyn,

    Don’t give up. I am a marrow donor registered in the list of hong kong marrow match foundation, now organised by red cross. I hope my morrow will match you. You are so brave! Nobody can accept such situation.

    Trust youself, your family and friends. Miracle may happen. Remember ‘ Don’t give up’.

    God bless you


  10. Carolyn,
    I’m thinking of you and sending your site info to anyone and everyone I can think of. My heart aches.
    JH (an old friend)

  11. Hello Carolyn,
    Good luck with the current round of chemo and the subsequent cord blood transplant. Hopefully being in beautiful Vancouver and with your family will continue to lift your spirits and give you strength.

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