Carolyn returns to Toronto – 家宜暫返多倫多




原定於今天(12月20日)在美國巴爾的摩(Baltimore)John Hopkins醫院,接受弟弟骨髓的血癌患者譚家誼,因為身體狀況不適宜進行移植,最後需要折返多倫多,目前仍未知下一步有什麼選擇。


過去兩周我們在John Hopkins做了數個移植前的檢查和測試,他們發現我的骨髓內仍然有癌細胞的跡象,加上我的Blood Level不斷下降,令我不能進行Non-myeloablative Haplo Transplant。




………it is important to me that the next report is not just an update on my situation, but to remind the public again, that marrow transplant is limited within one’s ethnic group, and I hope that people will not just read our story but support all Asian leukemia patients, now and in the future, by Taking Action and registering to be a marrow donor right away.
We spent the past 2 weeks at Johns Hopkins doing various pre-transplant testings, through which they found traces of leukemia cells in my marrow, plus my blood levels have been dropping consistently, which rendered me ineligible for the Non-myeloablative Haplo Transplant. 
At this point, we really don’t know what the next steps are – Do I need more chemo? Has my heart become too weak for standard Myeloablative Haplo Transplant?  Will OHIP still cover me if another hospital in the States would take my case?

There are a lot of unknowns right now, although my family and I are very touched by all the well wishes we have received and will continue to draw strength from the support from the community. 



Thank you and Take care,


Click here for your local Registry’s link and REGISTER TODAY to help Carolyn and Others.


3 Responses

  1. You may want to check this,

    I donate my bone marrow to my sister 27 months ago and she is doing very good now 🙂 we are also 50% match.

    Keep smiling girl, you have a lovely smile. 🙂


  2. hey carolyn,

    I’m sorry to hear about the setback.

    please take a look at this web site, among other things, it talks about how this guy gave a lot of zinc to her daughter during chemo and how that cured her. it’s a way to look for a cure using natural methods.

    in a nutshell, he is saying use zinc along with L-asparaginase to help treat Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. L-asparaginase contains the enzyme L-asparagine amidohydrolase which destroys the amino acid asparagine. Leukemic cells are dependent upon an exogenous source of asparagine for survival. Normal cells, however, are able to synthesize asparagine and are thus affected less by the rapid depletion produced by L-asparaginase. It has been demonstrated that zinc deficiency in bacteria and plants produces accumulations of the free amino acid asparagine.

    hopes this helps. godspeed.

  3. Hi there Carolyn:

    I had not realised that the transplant didn’t go through. You are in my thoughts constantly. I have a two talks to deliver this month as part of Black History Month ,where I will be highlighting the need for more ethnic donors to stem cell registries worldwide.

    I feel both you and Emru’s positive energy constantly and I will do my best to do the issue justice.

    Much love and positive vibes,

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