Chinese Community Asking You to “Be The One” 華人社區請求你參與「就是你」(Be the One)捐贈幹細胞

Local Chinese Group Launch Month Long Stem Cell Awareness Campaign

For Immediate Release

華人社區請求你參與「就是你」(Be the One)捐贈幹細胞


加拿大的OneMatch幹細胞及骨髓網絡(OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network)很高興和加華幹細胞協會(OtherHalf Chinese Stem Cell Initiative)合作,公佈展開一個提高意識運動﹐目的在爭取更多華人在加國及全球登記成為幹細胞捐贈者。這運動的焦點環節為221日假萬錦廣場(3255 Hwy. 7, East)舉行的提高意識活動(Awareness Event)

需要幹細包移植的病人,包括癌症、淋巴瘤(lymphoma )、骨髓瘤(lymyeloma)、其他免疫系統及基因紊亂症患者,當中只有三成可以在自己的家人中找到吻合的幹細胞,其餘七成病人則要倚靠沒親屬關係捐贈者的慷慨支持。由於在同一種族人士當中找到吻合幹細胞遠較不同種族為高,所以OneMatch幹細胞及骨髓網絡需要有更多不同族裔的捐贈者登記。在任何一刻,最少有600名面對生命危險的加拿大病患者需要接受幹細胞移植手術。

OneMatch幹細胞及骨髓登記處的行政總裁Sue Smith表示:「透過和加華幹細胞協會合作﹐OneMatch及加拿大血液局(Canadian Blood Services)彰顯及結集社區的力量﹐以身作則成為一個領導榜樣,不單止令為社區內有需要接受幹細胞移植的病人更易找到幹細胞配對,同時全球的華人社區亦可受惠。」她亦表示﹕「我請求其他不同族裔社群跟隨這個例子,與OneMatch並肩合作,向我們的共同目標邁進﹐令OneMatch幹細胞及骨髓登記冊上所有不同族裔的登記人數都同時增加。」

不但要幫助加拿大的華人﹐同時也要幫助全球的華人﹐這是加華幹細胞協會的聯合主席Susan Go發起這次捐贈運動及提高意識活動的主要原因。「華人社區再不能自滿地抱著『這不會是我』的態度﹐尤其是當華人在OneMatch網絡的登記比例偏低的時候。作為一個社群﹐華人現在就要有所行動﹐集合全社區的力量盡力增加華人在加拿大和全球的登記數字。」

在未來四星期﹐加華幹細胞協會籌備了多項活動﹐包括推出網頁﹑在Rogers Centre 1232425日的農曆新年活動中設置資料攤位、在YouTubeFacebook上開展針對年輕人的招募活動﹐以及221日在萬錦廣場舉行提高意識活動﹐提醒社區捐贈幹細胞的迫切性。

如果你有興趣成為可救人一命的捐贈者,今天便請登上www.onematch.ca加入OneMatch﹐或致電加拿大血液局1-888-2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283)

現時在加國約有10名加拿大華裔病人正等待非親屬幹細胞捐贈,在全球幹細胞捐贈資料庫超過12,000,000個捐贈登記中,只有少於500,000個登記者是華裔。加華幹細胞協會由一班來自不同背景的市民創辦﹐希望把這個逼切情況告知廣大華裔社群。我們和加拿大幹細胞仲介OneMatch合作,目標是令更多華人到幹細胞登記處登記。憑借OneMatch、病人、不同社區組織、醫務專家及傳媒專才的幫助﹐我們舉辦提高意識運動﹐致力解除幹細胞的謎團﹐以及教育公眾有關捐贈常識。我們衷心希望得到華人社區支持﹐以及鼓勵到所有華裔加拿大人到OneMatch登記成為幹細胞捐贈者。我們希望大家認識到如果能救到一個生命﹐感覺會是多麼良好。就是你(Be the One) ﹐請你挺身而出﹐成為拯救生命的另一半( the Other Half)

加拿大血液局是一個全國性、非牟利慈善機構,專責管理加國除魁省以外所有省份的血液及血液相關產品的供應。加拿大血液局同時監察OneMatch幹細胞及骨髓網絡,以及在全國領導器官及組織的捐贈與移植。加拿大血液局負責運作40個固定的收集中心﹐以及每年超過19,000個捐贈站,加拿大血液局的營運資金由各省及特區的衛生廳提供,聯邦政府透過加拿大衛生部(Health Canada)負責監管血液管理系統。更多詳情,可瀏覽網址
Click here for your local Registry’s link and REGISTER TODAY to help Carolyn and Others.

Toronto, January 22, 2009 – Canada’s OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network is pleased to partner with OtherHalf – Chinese Stem Cell Initiative by announcing an awareness campaign aimed directly at increasing the number of Chinese stem cell registrants in Canada and throughout the world.  The campaign will culminate with an Awareness Event at First Markham Place, 3255 Hwy. #7, East, Markham, Ontario, on February 21st.

Patients needing stem cells transplants include those suffering from cancers, lymphoma, myeloma and other immune and genetic disorders. Only 30 per cent of them can typically find a match within their own family, while the other 70 per cent must depend on the generosity of unrelated donors. Because the likelihood of finding a match is far greater within one’s own ethnic group, more donors from diverse backgrounds are needed to sign up for the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network. Equally, at any given time at least 600 Canadian patients facing life-threatening illnesses are in need of a stem cell transplant.

“By partnering with groups such as OtherHalf – Chinese Stem Cell Initiative, OneMatch and Canadian Blood Services, recognize and embrace the power of community; to lead by example by making stem cell transplants more readily available for patients not only within their community, but within Chinese communities around the world,” confirms Sue Smith, Executive Director, OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Registry.  “I ask for other diverse groups to follow this example and work together side-by-side with OneMatch towards our collective goal of increasing all diversities on OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Registry.”

Helping the Chinese community not just in Canada but around the world is at the centre of Susan Go, Co-chair of OtherHalf – Chinese Stem Cell Initiative’s reason for holding the campaign and awareness event.   “As a community we can no longer be complacent thinking, ‘it will not be me’ when clearly our community is underrepresented on the OneMatch Network.  As a group we needed action now from all parts of our community to make sure we have done everything within our power to increase the number of Chinese registrants here in Canada and around the world.”

There are many activities the group has planned over the next four weeks from the launch of, an information booth at the CNY Rogers Centre event on Jan. 23, 24 and 25 and youth focused recruitment activities on YouTube and Facebook all centred around promoting the immediate need and the February 21st Awareness Event at First Markham Place.

If you’re interested in becoming the one match to save someone’s life, join OneMatch today by logging onto or calling Canadian Blood Services at 1 888 2 DONATE (1 888 236-6283).

About OtherHalf Chinese Stem Cell Initiative

Currently there are about 10 Chinese Canadian patients waiting for unrelated stem cell donors in Canada alone.  Out of over 12 million donors registered in the Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide database less than 500,000 of these registrants are of Chinese origin.

OtherHalf—Chinese Stem Cell Initiative was started by a group of concerned citizens from diverse backgrounds who wanted to make this dire situation known to the Chinese public.  In collaboration with OneMatch, the Canadian stem cell agency, our goal is to increase the number of registrants of Chinese origin in the stem cell registry.  With help from OneMatch, patients, various community organizations, medical experts, and media specialists, we are conducting awareness campaigns to deflect myths and educate the public about stem cell donation.  It is our sincere hope that this will motivate the Chinese community to champion this initiative and encourage all Chinese Canadians to register as stem cell donors with OneMatch.

We would like people to think how good they would feel if they could save a life… BE THE ONE.  Be the ‘other half’ to save a life.

Click here for your local Registry’s link and REGISTER TODAY to help Carolyn and Others.

About Canadian Blood Services/OneMatch

Canadian Blood Services is a national, not-for-profit charitable organization that manages the supply of blood and blood products in all provinces and territories outside of Quebec. Canadian Blood Services also oversees the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network, and provides national leadership for organ and tissue donation and transplantation. Canadian Blood Services operates 40 permanent collection sites and more than 19,000 donor clinics annually. The provincial and territorial Ministries of Health provide operational funding to Canadian Blood Services. The federal government, through Health Canada, is responsible for regulating the blood system. For more information, please visit our Web site at


Amy Tam, Co-chair

Susan Go, Co-chair

Email –

(416) 760-6181

John Bromley, ABC

Communications Manager, OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network

(416) 313-4438


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