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Only a simple blood test or a mouth swab.
That’s it.

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Australia (Australian Bone Marrow Registry)

  • Telephone: +61-2-9229-4508/+61-2-9229-4509
  • Location
  • FAQ

Canada (Canadian Blood Services – OneMatch)

China (中华骨髓库, Chinese Marrow Donor Program)

France (Registre France Greffe de Moelle)

Hong Kong (香港骨髓捐贈者資料庫, Hong Kong Bone Marrow Donor Registry)

Malaysia (Malaysian Marrow Donor Registry)

New Zealand (New Zealand Blood Service)

Singapore (Bone Marrow Donor Programme)

Taiwan (Tzu Chi Stem Cells Centre)

United Kingdom (British Bone Marrow Registry)

USA (National Marrow Donor Program)

  1. Northern California: [Asian American Donor Program (AADP)]
  1. DKMS Americas

Let us know if you want to add your city. Any little thing can help.

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