Mama’s Interview on Omni News to promote upcoming 3/27 Stem Cell Drive

零六年十二月一次例行身體檢查, 變成了華裔女子譚家宜惡夢的開始-醫生證實她患上血癌. 羅穎心報道. (2010-03-04)

I am so so proud of my Mama.  Truly an inspiration to us all.

Patrick (Son of Madellina, Brother of Carolyn)


Bone Marrow Recipient Meets Man Who Saved His Life A Decade Ago

Bone Marrow Recipient Meets Man Who Saved His Life A Decade Ago

Friday August 22, 2008

What if you were asked to undergo a procedure to help save the life of someone you didn’t even know? And how would you feel if your contribution did just that?

Keith Murray can answer that question. The New Brunswick man came out of nowhere to save Brampton resident Eric Perron. But the duo had never met each other until Friday.

The story of how Murray and Perron became forever intertwined is a heart tugging tale of sacrifice and a simple act that was anything but.

It started in 1998 when leukemia patient Perron received a desperately needed bone marrow donation from Murray, a gift that wound up saving his life. For 10 years, neither man had ever met face-to-face. But when the east coast resident emerged from the doors at Pearson International Airport in the afternoon it was like they’d known each other forever.

“He’s part of the family,” Perron laughs, as he hugs his hero. “I’m very happy that he’s here.”

Murray doesn’t consider himself anything special. He was a regular blood donor until a friend from Newfoundland told him about the bone marrow program. And he didn’t hesitate to join up.

Little did he know he’d soon provide a match and give the 42-year-old Perron his second chance.

“This happened as just a matter of a regular blood donation,” he recounts. “I was told I was a positive match and so we got pretty excited about the idea of being able to contribute to someone that was in deep need of some bone marrow.”

But Perron, who now has a newborn child that wouldn’t have been here without Murray’s vital contribution, knows his new friend has changed his life. “I was lucky,” the recipient admits. “I have a brother and two sisters. They were not compatible with me.”

But Murray was and he wants his reward to be others getting involved in the One Match program. To find out how, click here.

Meanwhile, the two connected families are planning a champagne dinner and a night on the town – all on Perron, of course. It is, after all, the least he can do.

“There’s no chance I can survive without help, right?” he asks rhetorically. “And I’ve been lucky to have someone matching and right now I’m here because of that.”

“It’s important that people understand that it’s a painless program,” Murray concludes, looking at his beaming friend. 

“And the rewards are unbelievable.”




DOGA spreading the news to help save the life of one of their old girls, Carolyn Tam.

Recently there has been a special request by one of our alumnae, artist and singer Ms. Karen Morris (class ’88) to help spread her pledge for help to her close primary school classmate, Carolyn Tam.

Carolyn unfortunately has been diagnosed with Leukemia and is in urgent need to seek for a matching bone marrow donor to save her life. For anyone who is willing to help, you can register with HK Red Cross to become a donor and have your blood tested.

Hong Kong Red Cross Hotline: 2710 1206

Visit your nearest HK Red Cross donor centre today and become a registered donor

Please help DOGA and Karen spread the news to help save the life of one of our old girls, Carolyn Tam.

EARS Online 廣播線網上電台

Thank you Jason for talking about Carolyn, and to have her banner posted on your site.  Appreciate it.

South China Morning Post Hong Kong – July 16 2008

Singer in search for bone marrow donors for old classmate.

Visit your nearest HK Red Cross donor centre today and become a registered donor – July 13 2008

Family pushes for ethnic bone marrow donors

Sun Jul. 13 2008

Carolyn Tam has leukemia — and if she doesn’t get a bone marrow transplant, she will die.

But Tam faces a bigger challenge than many — because she is of Chinese descent, she faces bleak chances of finding a match on the Canadian Blood Services bone marrow registry.

“Chinese is under-represented on the bone marrow registry,” said Carolyn’s uncle, Lawrence Law. “We only have a five per cent chance as it is…the need for ethnic donors is very great.”

But on Sunday Tam’s family took a step in the direction of changing that, signing hundreds of people of Chinese descent to take a simple DNA swab test.

The idea is that if more ethnic minorities register for bone marrow transplants, the chances of finding a match will go up — and that will save lives.

MLA Sindi Hawkins knows this issue intimately. When she was diagnosed with leukemia, her sister donated the bone marrow needed to save her.

But fewer than 30 per cent of patients needing transplants will find a match within their own families.

“I don’t think we’re doing a good enough job with Canadian Blood Services getting the word out to ethnic communities,” she said.

Canadian Blood Services says offering the forms in languages other than English and French is a priority, but it’s going to take time.

Time is a luxury those with leukemia can’t afford. Three-year-old Makoda Suen died in hospital two years ago in her parents’ arms.

A match that could have saved her life wasn’t found in time.

“No parent should have to spend a minute of their life wondering if their child is going to die before them,” said Tam.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s John Fenton
Click here to register online today at to become a stem cell donor

B.C. Metro News – July 14, 2008

Stem cell drive draws 260 possible donors

Kristen Thompson, Metro Vancouver
14 July 2008
Carolyn Tam is 260 steps closer to finding a much-needed stem cell match after a drive was held in Richmond yesterday screening possible candidates for a bone marrow transplant that would save her life.The stem cell drive, which provided on-site testing to see if volunteers were compatible with Carolyn, was held at Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church.

It was the third drive put on by Vancouver friends and family of the Toronto woman, who has been battling leukemia for two years and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant, ideally from a Chinese donor.
There are only about 500,000 Chinese Canadians who are currently registered as donors.

Susana Junk, a childhood friend who helped organize the drive, said even if those 260 people aren’t a match for her friend, they will be in the blood donor registry and could be compatible with another person in need of a donor.

“This is not just for Carolyn, it’s for everybody,” she said. “The major thing we want people to do is register with Canadian Blood Services.”

 Click here to register online today at to become a stem cell donor


東方日報 Hong Kong – July 14, 2008

Karen 阿倫呼籲捐骨髓救家宜

文: 音樂組





Visit your nearest HK Red Cross donor centre today and become a registered donor


救救血癌港女譚家宜 , 危在旦夕 家人籲全球華人捐骨髓

危在旦夕 家人籲全球華人捐骨髓

 血癌,一個光聽到已經令人聞風喪膽的名詞,一個令人感到 絕望的疾病,但多番與血癌搏鬥的譚家宜,並未因此而變得 消沉︰「其實我今次好驚,但我更加感受到,原來響外面有 咁多有愛心?人支持我!」家宜需要大家的協助,希望能找 到適合的骨髓捐贈者,延續其年輕的生命。記者王智報道

 於香港出生的譚家宜,現居加拿大,她在上個月底,於家 人的陪伴下,剛剛渡過了38歲的生日。生日會沒有豐富的食 物,除了一個生日蛋糕,就只得一些白粥,因為正在接受化 療的家宜,受化療副作用影響而失去了胃口。她因為化療, 甩光了頭髮,而且身體甚為虛弱,但仍與家人聊天聊得起勁 。其胞弟家強表示︰「?次知道佢有血癌,好似我?仲驚過 佢咁!」但他亦知道,明年今日,此情此景可能不再復見。


 06年11月,家宜在一次普通身體檢查,偶然地發現血癌早 期徵兆。幸好發現得早,經過半年的藥物療程及化療,醫生 表示她體內的癌細胞已經消失。病好後的家宜,巧合地看現 一項為血癌患者籌款的馬拉松活動,她立即決定要去參加, 最後她不但跑完全程,更籌得1.5萬加幣(11.6萬港元)。當 時她向母親表示︰「我唔想只係取之於社會,應該要回饋社 會!」

 不過,癌魔未肯放過這個充滿熱誠的生命,沉寂半年,又 再來襲。今次醫生告訴家宜,她的情況已經無法靠化療根治 ,一定要找合適的骨髓進行移植,但家宜家人的骨髓卻不適 用。


 現時正進行化療的家宜,不但無法進食,還頻頻因為化療 而發高燒,上周她在升降機內突然暈倒,更是令家人擔心不 已,家強表示:「醫生冇話知家姐可以撐幾耐,但佢話化療 唔可以一直做落去,家姐?身體未必頂得住!」

 為了家宜,家人四出奔走,在美加、香港及內地發起捐贈 骨髓的活動,又建立網頁,希望喚起全球的有心人士,前往 醫院進行配對測試︰「醫生說,有些人的骨髓較普通,二千 個人之中,就有一個人適合作移植,但亦有人的骨髓較難配 對,只得10萬分之一的機會。我?搵過全球?骨髓庫,都搵 唔到適合?骨髓。依家要有10萬個人行動,先至可以畀到家 姐一個機會。」


 家強呼籲姓譚及姓劉,又或者籍貫為廣東雲浮或客家興寧 的華人特別注意,因為據醫生所說,他們的骨髓最有機會能 助家宜脫險。其實在家強建立的網頁上,求助者的名字不只 有他的姊姊一人,「因為只要愈多人肯行做捐骨髓?登記, 就愈多人可以受惠,呢個亦係家姐?心願。」

 許多人都以為,捐骨髓又痛又危險,其實都是誤解。本港 紅十字會就指出,有意登記作捐贈骨髓者的人,其要求是是 身體健康,年齡介乎18歲至60歲,院方只需抽出大約五毫升 的血液樣本,便可以基本得到其骨髓資料,如果不是有人有 需要,不用抽出骨髓,也不會痛,但登記者的幾滴血,卻隨 時為血癌患者帶來希望。有意捐贈骨髓的人士,可以致電 27101206,或親臨任何紅十字會輸血中心查詢。

太陽報 東方日報 Hong Kong – July 13 2008


Visit your nearest HK Red Cross donor centre today and become a registered donor







家宜現時病情危急,刻不容緩,太陽報愛心基金與東方日報慈善基金正協助家宜尋找合適骨髓,有意捐贈骨髓者可致電2710 1234與紅十字會聯絡,該會會先為捐贈者登記,並抽取少量血液作紀錄及配對,倘捐贈者的血液合,會通知捐贈者作骨髓捐贈。

B.C. Metro News – July 10 2008

Stem cells needed

Kristen Thompson, Metro Vancouver
10 July 2008 02:31
Photo courtesy of Susana Junk

Carolyn Tam, left, and Susana Junk. Junk is helping organize a stem cell drive to help Tam in her fight against leukemia.

The Vancouver friends and family of a Toronto woman battling leukemia hope a stem cell drive, being held on Sunday, will help find the rare and much-needed match their ailing friend requires.
Carolyn Tam, 37, has been battling leukemia since 2006, and is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant.
The problem, said childhood friend Susana Junk, who lives in Vancouver, is that Tam needs a donor of Chinese descent, which is difficult because ethnic minorities are underrepresented in the donor registry.
Junk said while Caucasians have a 70-85 per cent chance of finding a match, the likelihood drops to five per cent for Chinese patients because so few Chinese are registered as donors.
“Asians are not really too aware of the stem cell donating process,” said Junk. “It’s simple. Register not just for Carolyn, but for other people in her situation.”
Sunday’s drive will provide on-site testing and the opportunity for people to sign others up for the bone marrow registry.
A previous drive held in Vancouver on June 14 tested 820 people. On the same day in Ontario, 1,500 showed up at four drives.




三十八歲的香港移民譚家宜(Carolyn),在 加拿大的華人社區可謂無人不曉,一言一行牽動了眾人的心;為了延續她的生命,早前分別在溫哥華與多倫多設立的骨髓募捐登記站內外迫滿人龍,一家大小不介意輪候多時,加拿大血液服務中心的數據顯示,華人捐贈者一時激增七倍之多!



建勳是救救小哥頓運動的發起人之一,當年一呼萬應,超過一萬三千人響應驗血,全球首個華人骨髓資料庫,就此應運而生。最近,有位國內小朋友,在台灣找到合適骨髓,再於瑪麗醫院手術成功,中港台的歷史性合作,感覺好touching!自己沒有什麼付出,但可以拯救一條生命,是很厲害的一回事!今番為了譚家宜重操故業,阿John希望找個有心、擁有正面形象的女藝人加入呼籲的行列,剎那間,腦海浮現了莫文蔚的倩影。Karen的媽咪︵莫何敏儀︶一直為兒童癌病基金出力,她會是一個很合適的人選,便跟Patrick提起,他竟然說:﹃她們是同學呀!﹄﹂冥冥中自有主宰,Karen緩緩道來:﹁我跟Carolyn從小學開始認識,是從小玩到大的同學!我們一班拔萃女生感情好好,最初有人談起這件事,我完全不敢相信,再追問下去,原來她的癌症已經復發,大家都很緊張,我立即在自己的blog作出呼籲,又連結了Carolyn的網站,但始終效力有限,正苦思如何讓更多人知道她的情況,岑建勳的電話便到了!﹂Karen曾跟Carolyn通過電郵,從文字容或流露絲絲擔憂,但態度仍是正面、達觀,更堅強地勸Karen不要替她憂心。﹁反而我們這班同學更﹃渣﹄,只要談起她,便難忍淚水!﹂Carolyn成長於單親家庭,跟母親及弟弟感情深厚,八八年移民多倫多,本在一間建築公司擔任項目經理, 六年十一月一次普通身體檢查,初次發現血癌的麟爪,猶幸在未有任何徵兆下及時驗出,經過半年深切治療,醫生初步認定Carolyn體內的癌細胞已被殲滅,甫踏出醫院的第一天,呼吸健康空氣的她,已急不及待要幫助他人,Patrick說:﹁她坐在咖啡室,看到一張呼籲大家參與馬拉松的海報,那是為血癌治療基金籌募經費的慈善活動,最巧合的是,海報上有個女人,名字居然也是叫做Carol!姊姊當下便說:﹃我一定要參加!﹄﹂大病初癒的Carolyn坐言起行,不但順利跑畢馬拉松,籌得一萬五千加元,更當眾發表演說,希望外間多加關注血癌病人;當時Carolyn對媽媽如是說:﹁我取之於社會,應該回饋社會!﹂


上天可是有心一再試煉她的意志? 八年四月四日,她接獲通知,癌魔回歸了!Patrick忘不了那個痛心的早上:﹁當天,媽媽正準備從香港飛往溫哥華,住在舅父家玩兩、三個月,順道慶祝七號的生日,誰知早上姊姊來電告之壞消息,我起,望媽媽,到底說還是不說?我唯有望媽媽,說:﹃你玩得開心一些,enjoy yourself!﹄姊姊也照原定計劃,從多倫多飛往溫哥華,待慶祝日過後,姊姊才拉媽媽到一角……﹂譚媽媽一手湊大兩姊弟,天生﹁煮到就食﹂的樂觀個性,以為女兒終於康復,打算退休享受人生……﹁她怎樣樂觀,那一刻,還是忍不住哭了!﹂哀病魔無情,也為女兒之體貼而動容──Carolyn刻意隱瞞病情,讓媽媽擁有多一個快樂生辰。






應熱烈 逾2千樣本送美化驗

應熱烈 逾2千樣本送美化驗


Fairchild TV Toronto Coverage on June 15 Drive

T.O. Metro News – June 15 2008

Thousands across the GTA aid bone marrow search.

Metro Vancouver Article, June 15 2008

Click here to register online today at to become a stem cell donor





【大紀元6月13日訊】(大紀元記者廖青溫哥華採訪報導)為救助患血癌的華裔女子譚家宜,譚家親友和華人社區多個團體共同努力,將於本月14 和15日發起了在溫哥華、多倫多、紐約、三藩市和香港的全球募捐造血幹細胞的活動,希望以此為譚家宜找到適合造血幹細胞,同時也能夠為其他相同病患帶來生的希望。


37歲的譚家宜16 個月前,被診斷出急性白血病,經過為期5個月的艱苦密集的第一次化療後﹐她的情況暫時穩定下來並能夠出院。然而短短一年後她的血癌復發。如今譚家宜的主治醫生表示最遲在7月中要進行造血幹細胞移植﹐她才能度過生命難關。譚家表示目前情況刻不容緩,呼籲愛心人士立即行動,出手相救。◇

T.O Metro News – June 11 2008

Stem cell match needed

Click here to register online today at to become a stem cell donor

T.O Today Daily News – June 11 2008


T.O Ming Pao Daily News – June 11 2008

華人造血幹細胞 全球募捐

Carolyn’s Thank You Message To All Supporters

Mother & Dr. Joseph Wong on OMNI 2 TV Interview (1/4)

Mother & Dr. Joseph Wong on OMNI 2 TV Interview (2/4)

Mother & Dr. Joseph Wong on OMNI 2 TV Interview (3/4)

B.C. Ming Pao Daily news – May 11 2008


T.O Canadian Chinese Express – May 11 2008

譚家宜血癌苦撐化療 母泣呼验造血干细胞

The Scarborough Mirror – May 2 2008

Mother makes plea to Asian community to join bone marrow registry

華裔女患血癌需骨髓移植 多市周二展開捐幹細胞登記

華裔女患血癌需骨髓移植 多市周二展開捐幹細胞登記


今年才37歲的譚家宜(Carolyn Kar Yee, Tam)周二開始接受第二階段,為期6個星期的化療,以壓抑癌細胞的生長。譚母劉慕平表示,上星期三插胸管的翌日,就應該立刻進行化療,但醫生發現病人受感染,才被迫延期。
譚母表示,女兒在2006年12月例行的身體檢查時,意外發現患上急性骨髓性白血病(Acute Myeloid Leukemia)。當時醫生評估她的發病指數在最高為10之中只是1.2,算非常低。她其後再次入醫院檢查,醫生認為只要5年內不復發就安全。誰知道尚未夠一年就惡化。醫生至今尚未能確定病因,家族中有人患癌症,但從沒有患過血癌;但她擔任地產發展商個案經理的職位,工作壓力非常大。
他認為,捐骨髓應該改稱為捐幹細胞(Stem Cell),因為抽骨髓會令人感到不安和恐懼,從而產生抗拒的心態。

T.O. Ming Pao Daily – April 27 2008

患血癌華女明化療 母尋「造血幹細胞」