Carolyn’s transplant cancelled – 譚家宜移植骨髓夢碎

<明報專訊> 兩周前赴美國巴爾的摩Johns Hopkins醫院,準備接受骨髓移植手術的華裔血癌患者譚家宜(圖),出發前滿懷重拾健康的希望,不料檢查結果發現體內仍存在癌細胞,最終無法進行手術的她,於上周六返回多倫多的家中。




「過去兩周,我們在Johns Hopkins醫院進行了各種骨髓移植的前期檢查,檢查發現體內仍然存在癌細胞,表明我不符合做骨髓移植手術的條件。」


“It is important to me that the next report is not just an update on my situation, but to remind the public again, that marrow transplant is limited within one’s ethnic group, and I hope that people will not just read our story but support all Asian leukemia patients, now and in the future, by Taking Action and registering to be a marrow donor right away.
We spent the past 2 weeks at Johns Hopkins doing various pre-transplant testings, through which they found traces of leukemia cells in my marrow, plus my blood levels have been dropping consistently, which rendered me ineligible for the Non-myeloablative Haplo Transplant.
At this point, we really don’t know what the next steps are – Do I need more chemo? Has my heart become too weak for standard Myeloablative Haplo Transplant?  Will OHIP still cover me if another hospital in the States would take my case?

There are a lot of unknowns right now, although my family and I are very touched by all the well wishes we have received and will continue to draw strength from the support from the community.”

譚家宜於11月29日在母親和友人的陪同下赴美國巴爾的摩Johns Hopkins醫院,準備在明日接受弟弟的骨髓移植,雖然弟弟與她的骨髓配對率只有五成,但院方將配以藥物等技術來提高配對成功率,該院進行這類手術的平均成功率達八成半,去年更達97%。而Johns Hopkins醫學院及醫院在美國都是首屈一指的。

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