Canada’s OneMatch to offer services in Chinese


November 3, 2008

In an effort to recruit even more volunteer stem cell donors from varied ethnic communities, Canada’s OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network is pleased to announce it is beginning to offer services in languages beyond English and French. As a first step, services in Chinese will be made possible thanks to partnerships with the Elizabeth Lue Bone Marrow Foundation of Toronto, and AILIA (Association de l’industrie de la langue/Language Industry Association) … more.

為了呼籲更多不同族裔的志願人士加入捐贈幹細胞行列,加拿大的 OneMatch 幹細胞及骨髓網絡宣佈,開始以英語和法語以外的語言提供服務。我們衷心感謝在合作夥伴多倫多小麗莎骨髓基金會和語言產業協會(AILIA /Association de l’industrie de la langue/Language Industry Association)的大力協助下, 率先使用中文提供服務 … more.